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Tooth Extractions – Baltimore, MD

Preserving Your Smile by Removing Problem-Causing Teeth

Severely damaged and decayed teeth that can’t be treated can put your other healthy teeth at risk if the issue isn’t addressed. We’ll always try to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible, but in some situations, the best thing we can do for your smile is to remove a tooth. We offer pain-free tooth extractions in our Baltimore, MD dental office and several ways to help restore your smile to be fully functional and healthy.

Woman holding tooth after visiting a dentist in Baltimore

Why Choose Baltimore Dental Arts for Tooth Extractions?

Reasons Why Tooth Extractions Are Necessary

Woman in pain in need of tooth extractions in Baltimore

The most common reason for extracting a tooth is because we can’t save it with dedicated restorations or root canal therapy. Teeth typically become too damaged to save for the following reasons:

Keep in mind that we want to do everything possible to protect the health of your mouth first, which in certain circumstances could require the removal of a tooth. This is most common when an infection or other oral health problems that can spread have developed.

The Process of Removing a Tooth

Dentist holding tooth after performing tooth extractions in Baltimore

Removing a damaged tooth that exists above the gum line is a relatively simple process. Before starting, we’ll inject a local anesthetic into the area to make it completely numb. We’ll then gently shift the tooth out of its socket using a special instrument called an elevator. Once it breaks free, we’ll gently lift it out of your gums with a pair of dental forceps. To restore your smile, we offer several different tooth replacement solutions, like dental implants, and will be more than happy to walk you through your options after your procedure!

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Woman resting after tooth extractions in Baltimore

It’s essential that you practice thorough aftercare following your tooth extraction to keep your mouth healthy and prevent any complications from occurring. Thankfully, this is a relatively straightforward process. Keep the following tips in mind after you leave and feel free to call us at any time if you have questions:

Once you’re fully healed, you’ll want to start thinking about your options for replacing your tooth. This could involve a traditional bridge or a modern dental implant for better longevity, function, and esthetics.

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