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Porcelain Veneers – Baltimore, MD

A Personalized Way to Transform Your Smile

While some people only have one particular cosmetic flaw in their smiles – such as a crack or a stain – others have so many imperfections that they have no idea what the first step should be to start making improvements. Here at Baltimore Dental Arts, we can use porcelain veneers to address multiple cosmetic flaws at once, essentially letting us completely recreate your smile in just a couple of visits! Call us today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

Woman outside smiling with porcelain veneers in Baltimore, MD

Why Choose Baltimore Dental Arts for Porcelain Veneers?

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Model of veneer being placed on lower arch of teeth

A porcelain veneer is meant to cover the tooth like a crown, but instead of fitting over the entire surface, it’s only attached to the front side that people see when you smile. Each veneer is individually designed to fit perfectly on the designated tooth, and they will all be customized so that they look as natural as possible. You can get veneers to cover all of your visible teeth, but in some cases it’s possible to make the desired changes with a smaller number of veneers placed strategically. Porcelain is the preferred material for making veneers since it is both long-lasting and can resist stains.

How are Porcelain Veneers Used to Improve Smiles?

Close-up of a woman’s smile with porcelain veneers

With porcelain veneers in place, many different cosmetic flaws will essentially disappeared. The most common reasons to get veneers include minor chips and cracks that don’t endanger the tooth but nevertheless detract from your appearance as well as different kinds of tooth discoloration that aren’t affected by professional whitening. In certain cases, veneers can also make small teeth look bigger or close certain gaps.

Am I a Good Candidate for Porcelain Veneers?

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As with any procedure, it’s important that we determine whether or not porcelain veneers are a good fit for you before beginning the actual treatment process. First, of course, we’ll need to figure out what sort of corrections you want to make and determine whether porcelain veneers really are the best solution. Then we’ll need to make sure that:

How Do I Get Porcelain Veneers?

Everything begins with your first consultation. We’ll check your teeth, discuss your options, and develop a plan based on your goals. Then, in order to prepare the teeth for veneer placement, we will remove a thin layer of enamel to ensure that the veneers lay evenly with the other teeth once they’re in place. Afterwards, an impression of the teeth is taken. The veneers themselves will be ready in a few weeks. During the follow-up appointment, we’ll check them carefully to make sure they’re the right size, shape, and color so that we can make any necessary adjustments before they’re permanently attached to the enamel.

Understanding the Cost of Veneers

Wallet full of money for veneers in Baltimore

It’s important that you understand the cost of veneers in Baltimore so you can determine whether or not it is the right solution for your smile. By choosing the right dentist and investing in high-quality veneers, you can achieve a Hollywood look, but you should ensure that this is the right service to meet your specific smile goals. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, there are numerous options available, so by doing your research, you can make an informed decision on the future of your smile!

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Cost VS Cosmetic Dentistry: What’s Right for Me?

Closeup of woman smiling after seeing cosmetic dentist in Baltimore

Veneers may seem like the best option out there, but you should take a look at all of your available choices so you know how each one can affect your smile. They are all at different cost points and are able to help patients achieve different, beautiful results. Here are some of the most common cosmetic options out there so you can confirm which one can best help you attain the smile of your dreams:

  • Invisalign – If the reason that you’re unhappy with your teeth is because they are misaligned or crooked, you may find that Invisalign is best able to straighten your smile and benefit your oral health. This treatment will end up costing several thousands of dollars, but it is an excellent choice when it comes to correcting misalignment issues. However, Invisalign doesn’t help with recoloring or reshaping of the teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening –Teeth whitening is relatively fast and able to address surface discoloration and staining. This treatment is considerably more affordable than other treatments, but it’s unable to address any cosmetic flaws besides discoloration. Results will last anywhere from a couple months to a few years depending on how well you care for your teeth. Touch-up treatments can help to keep your teeth their beautiful, pearly white shade.
  • Direct Bonding – This minimally invasive procedure can be completed in just one appointment and is one of the most affordable cosmetic options available. If your flaws are very minor, like small chips or stains, this could be the simple solution you’re looking for. Bonding can last anywhere from 3 to 10 years or longer before needing to be touched up or replaced.
  • Veneers – Veneers may not be the cheapest cosmetic service, but it is the easiest way to completely transform every aspect of your smile, including the color, shape, and minor misalignment issues! This can all be completed in just a few short appointments and can last for more than a decade with proper maintenance.

To learn more about veneers and their cost, give us a call to schedule an initial consultation. This way, you will be able to gain a better understanding of what the process consists of, what you can expect from the procedure, and the cost of investing in your smile. We are looking forward to helping you achieve the pearly whites you’ve been dreaming of!

Veneers FAQs

Closeup of veneer in Baltimore being held by tweezers

Veneers are a great way for you to achieve a picture-perfect smile. While they have many benefits, you want to be well informed about the procedure before making the commitment. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we are asked about veneers in Baltimore. If you don’t see the information that you’re looking for below, give us a call ! We’d be more than happy to answer your questions and get you started with an initial consultation.

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Are Veneers Permanent?

Veneers aren’t technically a permanent cosmetic option because they will need to be replaced eventually. However, they are irreversible. This is because a small amount of enamel needs to be removed in order to ensure that the veneers fit properly on the teeth without appearing bulky. Enamel does not grow back, so teeth prepared in this way will always need to be covered with either crowns or veneers.

Will I Still Be Able to Drink Coffee with Veneers?

Veneers that are made from porcelain are stain resistant. Unlike natural tooth enamel, porcelain is nonporous, so the particles in dark-colored foods and beverages have a harder time slipping beneath the surface. You should be able to drink your morning coffee without worrying about staining your veneers. However, you should note that veneers aren’t stain-proof, so excessive consumption of pigmented beverages can still have a negative impact. Moderation is key!

Do Veneers Give You a Lisp?

After first getting veneers, some people have trouble pronouncing certain words, resulting in a temporary lisp. This is partially due to muscle memory because the tongue isn’t used to accounting for the presence of veneers when you speak. The tiny difference in thickness affects the way your tongue moves. This lisp usually occurs when trying to pronounce the “s” and “v” sounds. The tongue will eventually adjust on its own, but practicing the pronunciation of certain sounds can help. Try reading out loud and repeating trouble words until you get the hang of it!

How Many Veneers Will I Need?

The goal of veneers is for all of your visible teeth to match. Some patients opt for a single veneer to cover a cracked or broken tooth, while others get anywhere from 6 to 12 for a complete smile makeover. It all depends on your unique smile goals!

Can You Whiten Veneers?

Whitening doesn’t have any effect on veneers, even if they have been stained. However, the treatment will still affect the teeth around the veneers, therefore resulting in an uneven tone. To change the color of your veneers, they will either need to be replaced or shaded. If you are planning to have both whitening and veneers, you should start with whitening so your veneers can be colored matched to your ideal shade of white.