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TMJ Treatment – Baltimore, MD

Stop the Constant Discomfort of TMJ Dysfunction

Do you experience frequent clicking and popping or lockjaw when you open and close your mouth? These are two common signs that you may suffer from TMJ dysfunction, also known as TMD. This condition can impact your day-to-day life by causing a variety of uncomfortable symptoms and making everyday tasks like chewing food or laughing painful. To learn more about how we can treat your TMD, schedule a consultation with one of our professionals for TMJ therapy in Baltimore, MD.

Woman with jaw pain prior to T M J therapy

Why Choose Baltimore Dental Arts for TMJ Treatment?

Diagnosis & Treatment

Dentists looking at diagnosis and treatment planning details

Depending on the severity of your TMD, it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint the underlying problem that’s causing your pain, which is why it’s important to come to a specialist. This condition can be caused by a variety of issues, including bite problems, grinding and clenching, and even past trauma that left your jaw injured. No matter the cause of your pain, our team is dedicated to getting to the bottom of it and developing a customized treatment plan to help you.

Occlusal Splints

Hand holding a clear occlusal splint

Occlusal splints are customized orthotic devices that we may suggest helping reduce the prevalence of uncomfortable TMD symptoms. Each mouthguard is individually made for every patient’s unique dental structure and should be worn at night, as you sleep. Once placed in your mouth, it will act to shift your jaw into its ideal position to relieve your joints of additional strain and stress, as well as protect your mouth from the harmful effects of grinding and clenching your teeth.

Occlusal Adjustments

Animated smile in need of occlusal adjsutment

If the underlying problem resulting in TMD pain is due to bite misalignment or an improperly placed restoration, we may suggest occlusal adjustments. During this process, we’ll strategically and gently reshape your teeth, so they come together in a more functional manner that doesn’t cause your jaw joints to strain. To pinpoint the areas of your bite that may be under additional pressure, we’ll take an impression of your teeth and gently buff them down for lasting relief.

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