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What to Do If You Lose Your Invisalign

July 5, 2023

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person worried about lost Invisalign aligners

After several months of wearing Invisalign to address your smile’s orthodontic concerns, you’ve generally been diligent about their care. However, the day you always hoped you could avoid has arrived: you’ve misplaced your aligners. What should be your next steps? Continue reading to discover how to manage lost aligners and pick up tips on preventing such mishaps in the future.

Step #1: Retrace Your Steps

If you haven’t done so already, backtrack your recent movements to determine the whereabouts of your aligners. Given their transparent nature, Invisalign trays can easily blend into their surroundings. Conduct a comprehensive search of all conceivable locations before proceeding to the next course of action.

Step #2: Call Your Dentist

If retracing your steps proves unsuccessful, reach out to your dentist and inform them of the situation. They will provide guidance on the subsequent steps to take. In the event you’re contacting them outside of regular office hours, their voicemail may contain instructions. If it doesn’t, leave a message and call back when their office is open.

Step #3: Don’t Move on to the Next Set of Aligners

The temptation to simply move on to your next set of aligners and keep the situation hidden from your dentist may arise, but it’s not advisable. Your dentist will only recommend advancing to the next set if you were nearing the completion of the previous one.

Invisalign trays are meticulously designed to exert gradual pressure for the purpose of shifting your teeth over time. Jumping ahead to the next set prematurely can disrupt your dentist’s carefully devised treatment plan and hinder your progress. Furthermore, if you had recently started using the set of aligners you lost, your dentist might advise you to revert to your previous set until the current ones can be replaced.

How to Avoid Losing Your Aligners in the Future

Now that you’ve experienced the frustration of misplacing a set of Invisalign aligners, take proactive steps to prevent a recurrence. Always remember to securely store your trays in their designated case when not in use. Avoid placing them on surfaces like plates, napkins, trays, or anywhere they might accidentally be discarded.

Additionally, be cautious about leaving them within reach of pets or small children. Furthermore, ensure you wear your aligners as consistently as possible, as Invisalign requires a minimum of 20-22 hours of daily wear for effective results. Only remove your aligners when absolutely necessary to minimize the risk of misplacement and maintain the alignment plan’s progress.

While losing your aligners might lead to some embarrassment, it’s crucial to promptly inform your dentist about the incident. They can address the issue and provide you with guidance on how to prevent any treatment interruptions, ensuring you stay on track towards achieving a more radiant smile!

About the Practice

Losing your Invisalign aligners can certainly be worrisome, but the skilled professionals at Baltimore Dental Arts are here to assist you in managing the situation. They will provide guidance on the next steps and arrange for the creation of new aligners, ensuring that your goal of achieving your dream smile remains attainable. If you’re prepared to schedule an appointment with Baltimore Dental Arts or seek further information about clear aligners, visit their website or call their office at (410) 372-0202.

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